Travel to Broadwater Farm, north London where bands of minors rage that “resemble very much the Latin ones or those you have in Italy, especially in Naples”.

(15 febbraio 2018) – It could be the Conocal of Ponticelli, the fiefdom of the very young of the Di Micco clan at war with the D’Amico bands. And instead we are in Broadwater Farm, North London, with the same popular housing, corridors, and entrances. And here too there are very young organized into criminal gangs, only they do not call them clans. Some districts of Ilford where gentrification has not yet arrived, resemble instead Secondigliano or Tor Bella Monaca. Here too there are the gangs, even here as in Naples they are the underclass of criminal organizations, those who face each other to divide up portions of territory, illicit activities, (first of all drug dealing), which are branded to certify their belonging to the group , who listen to the music that tells their deeds. Jermaine was one of them. It comes from just from Ilford. Now he walks with his head held high but to tell who has been chooses a place far from prying eyes. A few people circulate on the station overpass and the noise of trains on the rails is the right alibi to catch your breath from too violent memories that try to line up.